Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013 Day 3 Madrid, Spain - Cool and Rainy

The first picture you will see is our actual luggage.  We said we were only taking a carry-on and a briefcase each and that’s what we have.  However, our carry-ons got a little too fat so we checked them after all. 

I think you’re having better weather in Indiana than we are in Madrid, but who cares.  We’re still having an amazing time here.  I have so many things to tell that I don’t know where to start.  First,
the wine here is fabulous.  A bottle of white Andalusion wine that tastes like Pinot Grigio is only 4 (Euro) – that’s right a whole bottle!  And they can’t seem to serve wine or any other beverage without giving us free food.  Yesterday, at the hotel, we had our own window on the world.  We sat at seats in the window so we could watch Madrid go by and ate a marvelous potato pie – no charge.  This afternoon, I got a diet coke and got a whole plate of olives with it. 

Last night, we went to the Bullfighting Museum which is actually a Tapas Bar.  Bill isn’t into Bullfighting, but  I found it interesting. 

I want to give a shout out to two of our friends and our daughter Krystal:  to Alaina Moore – the girl who eats a whole pound of bacon every Sunday – you have never tasted anything as good as Spanish bacon; and to Matt Socey who thinks the Food Channel is porn for the married man – we will be mentioning food A LOT in this blog because we just can’t avoid it; and to our daughter Krystal who loves artichokes – the stuffed artichokes and bacon that we had for lunch were muy sabrosa (very delicious).   We’re getting used to European coffee because it’s much cheaper than McDonalds. 

We want to heartily recommend Hop On, Hop Off buses in any city that has them.  We have used them in Barcelona, Chicago, Budapest, New York, and now Madrid.  Now that we are both seniors, they are a deal. For 6E a day each, we got a 2-day pass.  We can go to all the major sites and get off anywhere we want.  First we took a trip around the beautiful city of Madrid today to get our bearings and a general idea of the city.  The jury is in – we love Madrid.  We have one more full day in Madrid tomorrow and then a tough choice to make -  should we take the train to Toledo on Saturday for a day trip from Madrid or should we spend another day in Madrid.  Stay tuned! 

For all our Mud Creek friends, please check out the pictures of the Cervantes Memorial.  On one side you see Cervantes, on another: Aldonza; and on the front of the monument, the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza . Adios!  Watch for another post tomorrow!

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