Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013 – Day 5 – Madrid, Spain – Beautiful Day in the Park

It was still cool today but the sun was shining and it seemed like everyone in Madrid was out walking somewhere.  We went to Parque de Retiro – a gorgeous park on the east side of Madrid, just behind the museums.  So many families were out in boats on the lake in the middle of the park.  Lots of street performers and vendors.  Then we had our best meal yet: salad and pasta on Plaza Mayor – about a minute from our hotel.  We may not blog tomorrow – it’s a travel day.  We’ll be on the train from Madrid to Granada.  By the way, it’s very helpful to know a little Spanish in Madrid.  The only people we’ve encountered who speak fairly good English are at the hotel desk.  Everywhere else they only seem to know a few words.  I’m struggling to remember everything I ever learned, but we have ten more days in Spain.  I hope to be somewhat better by the time we head for Paris on April 16 – Granada, Barcelona, and Mallorca to go.  Obviously, we decided not to go to Toledo today.  Part of pacing ourselves.  After all, we only have 86 days to go.  Flying home on Day 92. 

Picture 1 - the lake in Parque de Retiro; Picture 2 - Street performers in Retiro Park;  Picture 3 - Our hotel - Hotel Plaza Mayor;  Picture 4 - Fountain around the corner from our hotel; Picture 5 - Bill and Kathie in Retiro Park;  Picture 6 - Kathie & Bill - self-portrait in Retiro Park;  Picture 6 - Our House Sitter - Sterling Fulk - just in case you wondering who is living in our house while we're gone.  

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  1. Bill and Kathy, Thanks for sharing you link with us at the career center. So excited for you guys and I look forward to following your trip on line. Sounds like you're off to a great start. Blessing to you both.

    Rob Hendrix