Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 2013 – Day 33 – Finally – A Beautiful Day in Our Favorite Country! Wir sind jetzt in Deutschland – Köln! (We are now in Germany – Cologne!)

May 4, 2013 – Day 33 – Finally – A Beautiful Day in Our Favorite Country!  Wir sind jetzt in Deutschland – Köln!  (We are now in Germany – Cologne!)
Heaven knows that I am behind on this blog, but we spent a couple of interesting days in Brugge, Belgium, where there was no internet access, no phone, and no elevator.  We are now in Cologne, Germany – Köln in German.  We love Köln!  It’s such a young and vibrant city.  Once again, you have a major square – Dom Square – built around the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe.  It’s constantly full of people.  Hohe Strasse, the big shopping street connects to it.  Our hotel is just off Hohestrasse and if you walk five minutes from our hotel, you find the Riverwalk.  In the summer, three boats offer parties.  You can’t believe the numbers of people that are on the square, on the shopping street, and on the Riverwalk! 

We arrived last afternoon from Brugge, Belgium.  Our hotel had the e-mail I had sent along with a confirmation of our room, but the room wasn’t in the reservation log.  We think we got an upgrade because of this slight screw-up.  We are in a top floor room with a balcony.  It’s bigger than most European hotel rooms and has a huge bathroom.  After we got there, we were advised that if we wanted to do laundry (and we did) we had better look for a place right then because the laundromats had limited service on Saturday.  So we went looking and the place we found – about five minutes from our hotel – said that they could get it done if we brought it over in the next few minutes.  We jogged (actually walked faster than our normal leisurely stroll), got the laundry and went back.  Along the way, I found a place and made an appointment for a color and cut. 

We found the Riverwalk and a restaurant that offered my absolute favorite – Zigeuner Schnitzel and also had Kolsch Beer – a shoutout to brother Tom and sister-in-law Jude who told us to be sure to have Kolsch beer in Köln. 

Today was a very busy day for us.  Had a great breakfast at the hotel, got our laundry, I got my hair cut and colored, visited the Cathedral, took a tour of the city on a bus that looks like a train, got off at the Chocolate Museum and toured that, had amazing desserts afterwards, and then went back to the hotel for a nap.  As soon as I finish this blog, we will walk along the river and have dinner.  Believe it or not, with all the great food we’re eating, our clothes still fit.   

Tomorrow we plan to visit the Cathedral again and catch up on this Blog.  The shops are all closed so it will be interesting to see what Cologne is like on Sunday. 

Picture 1: Kolsch Beer & Zigeuner Schnitzel; Picture 2: Crowds at Dom Square on a Friday afternoon; Picture 3 My German stylist Junka (sp?) and me; Picture
4. Kathie and Bill at the Chocolate Museum.

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